Questions Your Designer Should Be Asking You

Business decisions you make are often personal. The products you sell, the hours you work, and the employees you hire are just a few of the choices that directly effect your life. When it comes to hiring a designer it can be challenging to know who is the right fit for your project. Share ThisRead more

How To Take Street Photography?

In this article you will learn how to take street photography by reading this quick guide. Rasul Guliyev also share some of his tips on lighting and also shares his beautiful photographs in our For Your Inspiration section. Share ThisRead more

How To Take Landscape Photographs?

In this article you will learn how to take landscape photographs which has been written by Vallentine Manolov. Who is an amazing photographer he also said on his Facebook page “The world is Beauty and Love …I show you the beauty , the love I leave to you :)” Share ThisRead more

Interviewing Samuel Zeller

Samuel Zeller’s is a fantastic photographer, who takes some incredible black and white portrait photographs. I admire his work and overwhelmed with this unique opportunity to interview him. Share ThisRead more

Interviewing Roberto Pavic

  In this post I interview Roberto Pavic who takes amazing HDR black and white photographs and beautiful pictures of reflections. With his ongoing success on 500px he is quickly becoming more well known. Share ThisRead more