Looking at Tanner Seablom’s photography

Tanner Seablom

In this blog post Tanner Seablom will be discussing how he takes his photographs and edits them.

I started taking photographs around 9-10 months ago. My Uncle is a photographer and greatly inspired me to pick up a camera and start shooting. Now I just can’t put it down. I am honestly so glad photography has come in to my life. It has brought so many amazing adventures and I have met so many awesome people.

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My Favourite Instagramers

Instagram Logo
In this blog post I will be sharing with you my favourite Instagramers. Instagram is a mobile photo sharing service that allows its users to upload their photographs and videos to the app so the whole world can see. The mobile app was launched in October 6th, 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The company was then bought by Facebook in April 9th, 2012.


I absolutely love using Instagram to share my photographs but also to see what my friends are doing. It is also a fantastic way to become inspired to take more photographs. Below are my top 5 favourite instagramers, I asked each photographer why they like using instagram?


My Favourite InstagramersTobi Determined

Instagram: tobishinobi

Camera: iPhone 6 plus, Sony A7 & Sony nex 5n    Editing Software: Snapseed, VSCO, PS express, Skrwt and Instagram’s built in features

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Visiting Brick Lane and The Barbican


Last month I visited Brick Lane and The Barbican in London to take some photographs for my GCSE mock exam. Whilst visiting The Barbican I was immediately drawn to the huge buildings which made up the estate.

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Looking At VSCO

vsco logo

VSCO edit

In this blog post I will be looking at VSCO and how their iOS and android app has changed the way photographers take their photographs. On the left is a photograph of the user interface, which photographers will use to edit the look of their photograph.

I will be interviewing two photographers who use VSCO and the two co-founders Joel Flory and Greg Lutze.


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Exploring Hoi an, Vietnam

In this blog post I would love to share with you my photographs I took in february (2014) whilst visiting Hoi An, Vietnam for one week.vietnam

On the first day I landed at Ho Chi Min airport in the afternoon then I had an interconnecting flight to Hoi An where I was staying. I remember being picked up by a taxi at the airport and driving past buildings that looked like they were about to fall apart and people doing their washing up on the road. This was my first glimpse at the living conditions of the vietnamese. It started to make me think how lucky we actually are and how much we take for granted.

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Interviewing Robert Winter

In this Blog post I Interview Robert Winter. Robert Winter has taken some unique styled black and white photographs which show different types of cultures and people.

Did you study photography at school or in further education?

No, i learned it by taking photographs, I travel a lot, trying around with old cameras and did some Assistant Jobs for Commercial Photographers who i could ask my questions while working for them.

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Interviewing Roberto Pavic

In this post I interview Roberto Pavic who takes amazing HDR black and white photographs and beautiful pictures of reflections. With his ongoing success on 500px he is quickly becoming more well known.

Are there any tips you will give to my readers on how to take a photograph with a reflection?

The best way to take photos with reflection is to go to some lake. Also it has to be a day without wind or rain so the surface will become a mirror.

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Spotlight: Tom Brune

In this post Tom Brune tells me a little bit about himself and his love for photography. Taking in account Tom is only 19 he has produced some great surfing photographs. It must be hard taking  a decent photograph because you have the current and spray of water to think about, not just taking the actual photograph.

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Interviewing Andrew Lance

In this blog post I interview Andrew Lance. I love Andrew lance’s amazing black and white photographs and after seeing them I feel inspired to take more of mine.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

I was inspired to become a photographer to capture images of the world around us that are both engaging and interesting to the viewer. The ultimate goal is take a picture that tells a story and to which the view can empathise with.

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Spotlight: Matthieu Lhotellerie

In this blog post Matthieu Lhotellerie tells me a little bit about himself and his love for photography. Matthieu Lhotellerie has produced some great photos showing different types of cultures and people.

I always had a fascination for photography and travel, cultivating them with exhibits, books & documentaries, but never owned even a compact camera until recently. Strangely I started photography because of a comic book called “Le photographe” (an appropriated name), a fascinating story from a photojournalist covering a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan during the 80’s. The book mix drawings and his amazing B&W pictures, and after reading it, I saved money for a secondhand Nikon D80.

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